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How a "Kick-Out Clause" Can Protect Sellers

Your house is on the market, and a buyer puts in an attractive offer at the price you were hoping to get. Everything seems perfect, but then you’re told that the only way the purchase will go through is if the buyers sell their home first.

4 Home Remodeling Projects You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

Nothing can compare to the gratification that comes from successfully completing a home remodeling project yourself. Whether you’re retiling your bathroom or finishing a basement, there are many things you can accomplish yourself with hard work and determination.

However, there are a few things you should avoid trying to do yourself, whether for your own safety, your own sanity, or a combination of both.

Selling Your House? 4 Tips for Staging Your Home on a Budget

With home sales trending upward, homeowners are starting to feel confident enough to put their homes up for sale. If you’re one of those homeowners, you may be looking around your home, wondering what you need to do to give your house the best chance possible of selling quickly.

How Do I Sell My Tenant-Occupied Property?

There could be a variety of reasons for wanting to sell your tenant-occupied property. Maybe you’re strapped for cash and need to unload the place to get some equity back. Or maybe you’d rather skip being a landlord and focus your investment elsewhere.

Infographic: Home Builder Confidence Hits Nine-Month High After Sluggish Winter

Lull in the housing market? What lull?

Judging by the level of confidence among home builders in the US, the sluggish real estate market we’ve been witnessing up until now seems like a distant memory. 

The National Association of Home Builders’ confidence index clocked in at 59 in June, the highest it’s been in nine months.

Cutting Out Cable, And Other Ways To Cut Down On Your Home Bills

Whether you’ve made the down payment on your first home, or you’re sitting in a grimy apartment with six roommates and dreaming of a way to cut down your rent check, you’re one of the many people who have trouble cutting down spending on their home bills.

5 Important Things Your Neighbor’s Home Can Tell You Before You Sell or Renovate

Thinking of selling or renovating your home? Well, before you do, you should probably spend a little time scoping out other homes on your street. Short of being a nosy neighbor, it would be in your best interests to find out all there is to know about other homes in the area.

Shabby Chic Redecorating on a Budget: How to Make Your New Furniture Look Vintage

If you pay attention to design trends, you’ve likely noticed old is new again. Weathered furniture now fills the house of some of the most stylish homes in America, displaying a hot trend known as shabby chic.

One trip to a furniture store will show you how expensive distressed furniture can be.

The Perfect Mortgage to Finance a Fixer-Upper

One of the best ways to develop equity and wealth through real estate is to fix up a property that’s in serious need of some TLC. If you’ve got the foresight to see the potential in a fixer-upper, and are willing to put in the elbow grease to bring it up to par, there’s some serious money to be made if you decide to flip the property at some point in the future.

Inside Scoop on Penn Jillette’s New $3.3M Las Vegas Mansion!

Funny magician Penn Jillete – the vocal half of the successful magic group Penn & Teller – recently dropped $3.3 million on a 7,800 square foot family home just outside of Las Vegas.

penn mansion_vegas sign

The contemporary property was initially listed in the fall of 2014 for $3.675 million.

Secret Bookcase Doors Provide Privacy, Extra Storage, & Excitement

Look at the doors inside your home. What do you see? If they’re just standard doors, you may be missing an exciting opportunity.

bookcase door4

Hidden bookcase doors have become a popular way to add extra storage to a home. In addition to giving extra space for storing knickknacks and books, these doors also conceal the room or closet behind it and add to your décor.

Why Did Your Credit Score Suddenly Plummet?

Last time you checked, your credit score was 700. Upon a subsequent check only a few weeks later, you realize that it’s dropped to 675. What gives?

When it comes to credit scores, a host of different factors could be at play in a sudden reduction.

No Front Porch? 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Front Door More Inviting

The concept of the “front porch” seems to have vanished in favor of back yard Shangri-las. Instead of sipping lemonade in rocking chairs on a warm summer’s evening, homeowners now retire to back decks and patios, where they have privacy.

As a result, homebuilders have tossed aside the front porch concept in favor of stoops and landings designed for receiving packages and shooing away solicitors.

6 Reasons to Avoid the "For Sale By Owner" Route

There’s usually only one reason why home sellers choose not to hire a real estate agent: they don’t want to pay money towards commission.

In their minds, they get to keep the money they otherwise would have paid for these services.…

Need a Handyman? 3 Easy to Use Resources for Your Home Improvement Projects

After living in a home for awhile you’ll inevitably need to do renovations to upgrade outdated spaces or fix internal or external issues. Whether an area of your house has fallen into disrepair, you need more storage, or you just want to make your living space more contemporary, simple and quick remodeling projects are a great way to make your home more enjoyable.…

Home Appraisal Lower Than Expected? Your Next Steps

You’ve settled on an asking price for the home you want, and now you’ve turned your attention to getting financing for it. While you might think everything’s done, keep in mind that what you agreed to pay for the home won’t necessarily align with what the appraiser values it at.…

New Home Buyer? 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Buying a house is a huge financial step, and is one you need to take with careful consideration. It’s the quintessential American dream, but can quickly turn into a nightmare if you don’t do your due diligence. Typically, it’s new home buyers that tend to experience the worst nightmares because they simply overlook the fine print.…

How Homeowners Associations Can Affect Your Long-Term Expenses

Every home comes with extra costs, like property taxes, insurance, and maintenance fees. But when you buy into a condominium, townhouse complex, or gated community that’s governed by a homeowners association (HOA), you and other residents are also financially responsible for maintaining the common areas.…

Just Moved In? 4 Tips to Make Unpacking As Painless As Possible

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, the experience seems to be equally stressful. As difficult as packing and dealing with utility companies are, though, one of the biggest challenges is living for weeks while surrounded by boxes.

When you’re standing in the center of your house, surrounded by boxes, it can feel extremely overwhelming.…

Building Your Home From Scratch Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Many people quash their dreams of building their own homes simply because they believe they can’t afford to do so. While it’s true that building a custom home can be pricey and generally more expensive than just buying from a builder in a subdivision, there are a bunch of ways that you can shave off a few bucks here and there to make the entire process a lot more affordable.…

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